How to furnish a living room


If you are one of the people lucky enough to have a formal dining room in your home, you should take extra care decorating it. There is something so romantic and elegant about a formal dining room. It inspires visions of holiday dinners, wonderful family memories, and a sense of elegance than casual dining just can’t emulate. If you have a formal dining room and find yourself unsure what to do about decorating it, use a few tips from the pros.

Dining Furniture

Opt for a large table in a dark colour. Espresso is a great choice for a formal dining room because it maintains the formality of the room while still creating an inviting and sophisticated atmosphere. Chairs with high backs are romantic and upscale.

A sideboard is a must in a formal dining room. This is where you want to place your serving dishes so that the entire family can help themselves to a wonderful meal each time they are in the room. If you have the space, a bar is a great addition to the formal dining room as well. This allows you to hang your wineglasses, store your highballs, and your wine for your guests’ enjoyment.


The walls in your formal dining room should be a little different than the walls in the rest of the house. To make the room look as formal and elegant as possible, opt for a rich shade of plum, deep red, or even chocolate brown. By adding white chair rail to the formal dining room you are creating a look that is as high-end as it gets.

Centrepieces and Homewares

What you place in the centre of your dining room table in the formal dining room is almost as important as the table itself. Your tablescape should emulate the seasons, which means a large glass bowl, several glass candle holders, and different colour table runners are must purchase items. You can place pumpkins and gourds in the vases and bowls during the fall and Christmas ornaments during the winter.

Large vases with simple white flowers, such as calla lilies add a touch of sophistication to the sideboard and bar in a formal dining room. Placing the vase off to the side of the sideboard is one way to ensure that the room looks as chic as possible. Furthermore, you must have formal dishes with at least as many settings as your dining table can accommodate.

Make sure your dining room is furnished so that it is comfortable. You should choose a table that fits in the designated space while still providing enough elbow room for everyone. The ideal height for dining chairs should be 29-30 inches. This allows for comfortable eating. Your dining table and chairs should be stable and not be rocking from one leg to the other. This can be frustrating when you are trying to eat. So if your floor is uneven for any reason you should fit pieces to the legs of the table or chairs in order to ensure that they are sitting firmly on the floor.

A beautiful dining room consists of a table with matching chairs. You can usually find different styles of chair which will match with your table. High back chairs are a great look and will help you to sit up straight. They look elegant and expensive and come covered in a range of fabrics such as faux leather or faux suede. You should make sure your chairs can fit under the table without your thighs or the arms of the chair scraping the underside of the table.

You can also accessorize your dining room furniture with sideboards and dressers which will provide you with ample space for storing items such as your best china or glasses, along with tablecloths and placemats etc. You can decorate your dining room by placing flowers or photo frames on top of these sideboards or dressers. This can all add to the beauty of your dining room and can create a gorgeous setting for entertaining your guests or for enjoying a meal with your family.