How to furnish a bedroom


Toilet is the place where we love spending most of the time. I’am just kidding! But, it’s not far from the truth. The room in our house where we spend most of our time in a privacy and comfort is our bedroom. Because of that we should always put a little more effort in order to have far better satisfaction enjoying reading a book, sleeping, etc.,… Here are some creative ideas which will give your bedroom an even more comfortable and glamorous look.

Cabin-like bedroom

This modern, creative idea of making your bedroom walls from the planks turned out like bull’s-eye score. For cabin in the wood fans you can always put a some animal’s head trophy on the wall or a big knife.

Adding antiques

In order to give a slightly more elegant look you should try with antique French tole watches putting them on the wall or some 1970’s sculptures.

Bedroom chair

You know probably that scene in many horror movies with that scary doll sitting in this chair in the corner of the bedroom. I’am not trying to scare you! These chairs are very decorative and stylish and you can just sit and read a book or you can just put your brain into “rest mode”.

Bed frames

In the begging these are invented just because of child safety, but a year after a year they come more popular in couple’s bedroom too. Just make a contrast between bed frames and a wall and you will get even more badass look.

Bed layers

This is the main key to have a spacious, cozy and even glamorous bed. Putting two big pillows on the back, then add two smaller and in the end put the smaller one as a decorative piece.


No one is a fan of a just one piece of overhead light in your bedroom. It can be frustrating! Adding a dimmer is a great way to deal with this problem and it will create more comfortable atmosphere that you can enjoy.


This comes as a wall decoration if you have sympathy for that. Just one piece that you like with some inner messages or you can put a photography; don’t overdo it!

Floral decorations

You can put these anywhere you want: nightstand, windowsill, etc… It’s always good to see greenery when you wake up, especially by the winter period.


An ideal bedroom must have two types of mirrors: Full-body size mirror for help to coordinate your outfit and a small one in order to help you with closer details like styling your hair or makeup.


To finish your ideal bedroom you need some window curtains in order to give your bedroom a new nickname, “a privacy heaven”. Also, there are bed curtains for adding more personal style in the bedroom, but choose wisely.

There is no comfortable place as your own, am I right? So why not to make it even more comfortable by just picking some of these creative ideas.