Make Your Living Room Look Lovely – When is it time to remodel your living room?

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Most of us aren’t home decorating experts. But it can be a real letdown when your living room starts to have a real “lived in” look. We all want our homes to look lovely, especially our living rooms. This is the room we welcome guests and is often the very first impression they have of our home. While we can’t offer you tips to create a drastic makeover for this room in a short period of time – we do have several that can make your living room look much better in just a few short hours.

Clear the clutter

Begin by clearing clutter. If your living room looks too “lived in” then it probably has clutter. Lots of it. Start by clearing it out. Don’t know where to start? Start anywhere! Keep a trash bag nearby and also a laundry basket. Put the trash in the wastebasket and items you need to put in other rooms into the laundry basket. Continue this until the clutter is cleared.

Get some help

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Don’t be shy about asking for help. Quite often when the living room reaches this “lived in” look, it has not done so by one person using it. Often each family member has been using this room and has left items there. Delegate tasks and ask for help cleaning this room. With several cleaning, the room will be cleaned more quickly.

Make things sparkle

No matter the season, its time for a little Spring Cleaning. To make your living room sparkle, you’ll want to vacuum the rugs and pillows, wax and dust the furniture and clean the windows. To keep your living room from returning to this “lived in” state, try to do a light cleaning every week or another week, depending on how much traffic this room has. If you have small children, you’ll probably want to clean every week. If you don’t entertain often, you could probably clean every other week.

Introduce a splash of color

Invest in a little “splash” of color for your living room. One of the most popular trends today for living rooms is to add a little bit of bold and bright color. The key to doing this is actually not adding very much of it! Try two complimenting throw pillows on the couch or painting one wall in a bold, bright color. Eyes will immediately be drawn to this color first and then look at the rest of the living room.

A little organization won’t hurt

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Look for organizing solutions to keep clutter from occurring again. This is one of the best tips we can give you for your living room. While the magazines show beautiful living rooms, they forget that most of us actually live in our living rooms. But we still don’t want that “lived in” look. The goal is to keep clutter to a bare minimum. If you read your mail or do your bills in the living room, you need a tray or box to keep this paperwork at all times. If you enjoy reading magazines in the living room, consider getting a magazine rack to keep the clutter away.

Your living room should be welcoming, cozy and beautiful. It doesn’t have to be difficult to keep this room looking this way. With a little tidying each day and one light cleaning every week or every other week, this room will always look lovely!

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