How to furnish a living room


If you are one of the people lucky enough to have a formal dining room in your home, you should take extra care decorating it. There is something so romantic and elegant about a formal dining room. It inspires visions of holiday dinners, wonderful family memories, and a sense of elegance than casual dining just can’t emulate. If you have a formal dining room and find yourself unsure what to do about decorating it, use a few tips from the pros.

Dining Furniture

Opt for a large table in a dark colour. Espresso is a great choice for a formal dining room because it maintains the formality of the room while still creating an inviting and sophisticated atmosphere. Chairs with high backs are romantic and upscale.

A sideboard is a must in a formal dining room. This is where you want to place your serving dishes so that the entire family can help themselves to a wonderful meal each time they are in the room. If you have the space, a bar is a great addition to the formal dining room as well. This allows you to hang your wineglasses, store your highballs, and your wine for your guests’ enjoyment.


The walls in your formal dining room should be a little different than the walls in the rest of the house. To make the room look as formal and elegant as possible, opt for a rich shade of plum, deep red, or even chocolate brown. By adding white chair rail to the formal dining room you are creating a look that is as high-end as it gets.

Centrepieces and Homewares

What you place in the centre of your dining room table in the formal dining room is almost as important as the table itself. Your tablescape should emulate the seasons, which means a large glass bowl, several glass candle holders, and different colour table runners are must purchase items. You can place pumpkins and gourds in the vases and bowls during the fall and Christmas ornaments during the winter.

Large vases with simple white flowers, such as calla lilies add a touch of sophistication to the sideboard and bar in a formal dining room. Placing the vase off to the side of the sideboard is one way to ensure that the room looks as chic as possible. Furthermore, you must have formal dishes with at least as many settings as your dining table can accommodate.

Make sure your dining room is furnished so that it is comfortable. You should choose a table that fits in the designated space while still providing enough elbow room for everyone. The ideal height for dining chairs should be 29-30 inches. This allows for comfortable eating. Your dining table and chairs should be stable and not be rocking from one leg to the other. This can be frustrating when you are trying to eat. So if your floor is uneven for any reason you should fit pieces to the legs of the table or chairs in order to ensure that they are sitting firmly on the floor.

A beautiful dining room consists of a table with matching chairs. You can usually find different styles of chair which will match with your table. High back chairs are a great look and will help you to sit up straight. They look elegant and expensive and come covered in a range of fabrics such as faux leather or faux suede. You should make sure your chairs can fit under the table without your thighs or the arms of the chair scraping the underside of the table.

You can also accessorize your dining room furniture with sideboards and dressers which will provide you with ample space for storing items such as your best china or glasses, along with tablecloths and placemats etc. You can decorate your dining room by placing flowers or photo frames on top of these sideboards or dressers. This can all add to the beauty of your dining room and can create a gorgeous setting for entertaining your guests or for enjoying a meal with your family.

How to furnish a kitchen

kitchen appliances

These days, cooking and food has evolved into an art-form. This can probably be credited to the rise in popularity of food network shows and food magazines. Thanks to this food renaissance, people who were once take-out junkies are now considering cooking to be a fun and enjoyable practice. But any cook, novice or expert, that in order to have the best results you need the best supplies and discount kitchen appliances. With the right combination of discount kitchen appliances you can have professional cooking results in your own home. Here are 5 must-have discount kitchen appliances to get your food and cooking tasting like it was sent from the best restaurant in town. Our list isn’t definitive and we have left out other lesser but just useful appliances.


Having a good fridge is important. Sub Zero appliances is one of the leaders in refrigeration supplies. They understand that a fridge isn’t just a place to store foodit’s often the focal point of your kitchen. In addition to having top-of-the-line features that make your life easier and leave your food fresher, sub zero appliances are designed with style in mind. They are sleek, modern, and attractive and operate on par with professional fridges and coolers in restaurants.


There is often a debate about whether gas or electric ranges are better to use in the kitchen. Gas ranges are the choice for many cooking professionals for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that gas ranges allow for a more even heat to cook the food. Gas ranges often heat up faster than electric ranges, so when you’re trying to prepare a recipe in a short amount of time it can be a life-saver. For the serious cook, Wolf gas ranges and Viking gas ranges are the best choices. They are both exceptional appliance brands and offer a variety of features that a cook will find extremely useful. Many Viking gas ranges and Wolf gas ranges have additional features like griddles, charbroilers, or French tops.


For those baking fanatics out there, the oven is one of the most important discount kitchen appliances out there. Depending on what your needs are, what your budget is, and what the existing design of your kitchen is, oven shopping can prove to be a little daunting. There are so many brands, styles, and features that you have to consider before you make the right choice. Much like the range selection, you have to choose between gas and electric. Many like electric ovens for baking because it provides a more even heat and it has the wonderful self-cleaning option.


One thing every great chef needs is a professional dishwasher. You should choose a dishwasher that is cohesive to the décor and design of your current kitchen, with the capabilities to handle the messiest of chores. If you’re going to be doing some professional grade cooking, chances are that you’re going to have a professional grade mess on your hands. A good, reliable dishwasher is crucial to keeping your kitchen looking good and maintaining the longevity of your cookware. If you simply don’t have enough room in your kitchen cabinets for a built-in dishwasher, free-standing dishwashers work just as good and are on wheels for easy mobility.

How to furnish a bedroom


Toilet is the place where we love spending most of the time. I’am just kidding! But, it’s not far from the truth. The room in our house where we spend most of our time in a privacy and comfort is our bedroom. Because of that we should always put a little more effort in order to have far better satisfaction enjoying reading a book, sleeping, etc.,… Here are some creative ideas which will give your bedroom an even more comfortable and glamorous look.

Cabin-like bedroom

This modern, creative idea of making your bedroom walls from the planks turned out like bull’s-eye score. For cabin in the wood fans you can always put a some animal’s head trophy on the wall or a big knife.

Adding antiques

In order to give a slightly more elegant look you should try with antique French tole watches putting them on the wall or some 1970’s sculptures.

Bedroom chair

You know probably that scene in many horror movies with that scary doll sitting in this chair in the corner of the bedroom. I’am not trying to scare you! These chairs are very decorative and stylish and you can just sit and read a book or you can just put your brain into “rest mode”.

Bed frames

In the begging these are invented just because of child safety, but a year after a year they come more popular in couple’s bedroom too. Just make a contrast between bed frames and a wall and you will get even more badass look.

Bed layers

This is the main key to have a spacious, cozy and even glamorous bed. Putting two big pillows on the back, then add two smaller and in the end put the smaller one as a decorative piece.


No one is a fan of a just one piece of overhead light in your bedroom. It can be frustrating! Adding a dimmer is a great way to deal with this problem and it will create more comfortable atmosphere that you can enjoy.


This comes as a wall decoration if you have sympathy for that. Just one piece that you like with some inner messages or you can put a photography; don’t overdo it!

Floral decorations

You can put these anywhere you want: nightstand, windowsill, etc… It’s always good to see greenery when you wake up, especially by the winter period.


An ideal bedroom must have two types of mirrors: Full-body size mirror for help to coordinate your outfit and a small one in order to help you with closer details like styling your hair or makeup.


To finish your ideal bedroom you need some window curtains in order to give your bedroom a new nickname, “a privacy heaven”. Also, there are bed curtains for adding more personal style in the bedroom, but choose wisely.

There is no comfortable place as your own, am I right? So why not to make it even more comfortable by just picking some of these creative ideas.

Guide to furnishing your home for the first time

moving house

When you start to put furniture into a room you need to consider several factors. However, you might not think about these factors until you have already purchased all the items that are going into that room. Here are some items to consider when furnishing a room to avoid making any mistakes when you are doing this job.

One thing that a person is going to need to consider is what kind of room is it. This can be important in helping you determine if you need to be purchasing an office desk, if you should be looking for a bed, or if it is going to be a multipurpose room which could require multiple different types of furniture.

Another thing to consider is will the items that you are choosing to purchase going to match the rooms paint. This might not seem like it is that important until you get the items home and realize that they clash with the rest of the room. So you need to ensure the items are going to fit in without turning this simple purchase into a major room renovation.

You will also want to take into consideration the cost of the items. The cost can help you determine what type of items that you are looking for. So a person will need to take that into consideration so you can avoid overspending and not be able to enjoy it because your working all the time to pay them off.

Something else to consider will be the size of each item in relation to the room. Before you go shopping you need to take measurements of the room your going to be putting the furniture into. That can help you avoid purchasing an item that is to big to fit into the room.

The material that the furniture is made out of should be considered as well. This can be a key item because some of the items that you purchase might not work in the room because of moisture, or chemicals that might be present. So an individual needs to verify that the materials are durable enough to hold up to anything you put into it.

Find out if the furniture is going to be delivered or not. This is important because if it is delivered you need to find out if there is a charge for that, but if not then you need to figure out how you are going to get it home without killing yourself in the process. So make sure that you find this out since if it is delivered you are going to have a date set aside so that you know when to be home for that delivery.

When you are going to the store to purchase new furniture it is a very exciting time for the most part. However, at the same time a person will need to know of some items to consider when furnishing a room to help ensure that you do not make a mistake while you are doing this important task.

Guide to picking the perfect couch


As any interior designer will inform you, the couch is the focal point in a living-room or wonderful room. Not just is it the most significant piece of furniture, but it gets even more usage also. Site visitors normally gravitate to the sofa when they see, so selecting one that is comfortable while making a statement about who you are is essential.

kid on couch

Thankfully, there are lots of options nowadays. While taking note of trends is necessary, you don’t wish to be a servant to fashion, a minimum of not when it involves sofas. However some fundamental research on the new design and styles on the market won’t hurt, particularly if you haven’t been purchasing a significant piece of furniture in the last few years or still think is a good option of fabric.

To direct you in your search, right here are some ideas to help you select the best sofa.

Prior to you leave to shop, and a great place to do that would be our friends at Devonshire Oak, take a stock of the space the sofa is going to go in. Initially, take dimensions so you understand exactly what will fit in the room so it does not look too sporadic or too crowded.

Purchasing The Perfect Couch

Look at the room. What is the primary color scheme that will direct your choice? If you just just recently repainted or your chairs and various other furnishings are relatively brand-new, you’ll wish to stick with what you have and select a couch to match as opposed to begin all over once again.


There’s really no point in considering Early American designs if you like modern furnishings or contemporary furnishings. So have a style in mind prior to you begin your buying adventure so you conserve time. Once more, you wish to match your individual design as well as the existing design in the home when it involves picking a design.

All sofas were not developed equal when it pertains to the textile. Your choice depends largely on your household’s lifestyle. For example, if you have lots of pets that such as to lounge the day away on the couch, you may not desire a woven textile. Hairs often get stuck in the weave. A leather couch could not be optimal for a family with kids. Leather could stain or discolor if not appropriately looked after and kids have a way of spilling the one thing that causes a stain.

If you have guests who see from away or buddies who such as to party into the wee hours, think about getting a sleeper sofa. That way, they can stay over and get some shut-eye before heading back home. Today’s sleeper sofas are a whole lot different than the one your mother or granny could have had and are far more comfortable.

Due mainly to their adaptability and functional nature, sectional couches are in style once again, allowing homeowners to produce dramatic seating in their living spaces with such preferred attributes as chaise lounges, recliners and big L-shaped seating locations

Make Your Living Room Look Lovely – When is it time to remodel your living room?

living room

Most of us aren’t home decorating experts. But it can be a real letdown when your living room starts to have a real “lived in” look. We all want our homes to look lovely, especially our living rooms. This is the room we welcome guests and is often the very first impression they have of our home. While we can’t offer you tips to create a drastic makeover for this room in a short period of time – we do have several that can make your living room look much better in just a few short hours.

Clear the clutter

Begin by clearing clutter. If your living room looks too “lived in” then it probably has clutter. Lots of it. Start by clearing it out. Don’t know where to start? Start anywhere! Keep a trash bag nearby and also a laundry basket. Put the trash in the wastebasket and items you need to put in other rooms into the laundry basket. Continue this until the clutter is cleared.

Get some help

living room 2

Don’t be shy about asking for help. Quite often when the living room reaches this “lived in” look, it has not done so by one person using it. Often each family member has been using this room and has left items there. Delegate tasks and ask for help cleaning this room. With several cleaning, the room will be cleaned more quickly.

Make things sparkle

No matter the season, its time for a little Spring Cleaning. To make your living room sparkle, you’ll want to vacuum the rugs and pillows, wax and dust the furniture and clean the windows. To keep your living room from returning to this “lived in” state, try to do a light cleaning every week or another week, depending on how much traffic this room has. If you have small children, you’ll probably want to clean every week. If you don’t entertain often, you could probably clean every other week.

Introduce a splash of color

Invest in a little “splash” of color for your living room. One of the most popular trends today for living rooms is to add a little bit of bold and bright color. The key to doing this is actually not adding very much of it! Try two complimenting throw pillows on the couch or painting one wall in a bold, bright color. Eyes will immediately be drawn to this color first and then look at the rest of the living room.

A little organization won’t hurt

living room 3

Look for organizing solutions to keep clutter from occurring again. This is one of the best tips we can give you for your living room. While the magazines show beautiful living rooms, they forget that most of us actually live in our living rooms. But we still don’t want that “lived in” look. The goal is to keep clutter to a bare minimum. If you read your mail or do your bills in the living room, you need a tray or box to keep this paperwork at all times. If you enjoy reading magazines in the living room, consider getting a magazine rack to keep the clutter away.

Your living room should be welcoming, cozy and beautiful. It doesn’t have to be difficult to keep this room looking this way. With a little tidying each day and one light cleaning every week or every other week, this room will always look lovely!